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Word Of The Week – Changes

As September marks the completion of the summer holidays it also brings many changes. This week I felt like there were lots of changes to our routine. I think it will take some getting used to for all of us, it did make me feel out of sorts. I can also tell Ethan is struggling as his autistic traits become more prominent if he is struggling. Ethan is stimming quite a lot and asking lots of repetitive questions.


Little E has the normal change of school year and teacher but lots of her changes this month are with after-school clubs. When she won the bronze medal for running at her last school her PE teacher advised me to add her name to an athletic club’s waiting list. I did and she finally had a trial this week. She enjoyed it and now one night a week we will be training.

This new club clashed with her swimming lessons. Meaning we had to switch her swimming days around. More changes for Little E with a new swimming teacher and a new class. She also moved up in her dance classes another day change and a new class for her at her dance school.

As Ethan is staying in the same class this year I wasn’t expecting many changes for him. But he has lots of new friends in his class. This has thrown him out a bit but hopefully, he will soon settle with his new friends. There was also a change to Ethan’s swimming lesson. So that is something else changing in his routine. Thankfully the lesson is on the same day as it originally was.

There haven’t been any changes for us adults. Which is always a good thing. We are kept busy enough with all of the children’s activities around work and life. I will be looking at our calendar for weeks making sure I’m at the right activity on the right day. That is enough to keep us busy!

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2 thoughts on “Word Of The Week – Changes”

  1. I completely relate to Ethan stimming more when there are changes )I’m autistic myself). The repetitive questioning is also something I used to do. I’m so happy nothing is changing in the routine for you too, since you’re busy enough remembering Little E’s changing routines and supporting Ethan through the changes he experiences.

  2. There are a lot of changes at this time of year.
    So sorry Ethan is struggling, it’s good that he has a lot of new friends. I hope things settle down soon. Good luck to Little E with the athletic’s club. x

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