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Word Of The Week – Doctor’s

This past week feels like I have been in the Doctor’s office most days. It has been for the children and there have been some questions that I have needed answering. As the Doctor’s is near the school run I find it easier to pop in rather than wait for someone to answer the phone!


On Monday Little E had a doctor’s appointment. We needed to go in to request a check on her blood sugar levels. A nurse friend has tested her and she thought they were high. The doctor did the test but thought her results were OK. She requested Little E have a blood test to check some other things but not her sugar levels. Because of Little E’s age, we will need to go to the hospital for her blood test.

The hospital called the next day and I made the appointment for next week. They asked me if I had the blood forms as they couldn’t do the test without those. The doctor didn’t give us the forms at her appointment. I would have to pop into the doctor’s to ask. They actually turned up in the post a few days later. There are three forms and one of them wants to test sugar. Something I wasn’t expecting. But the forms don’t tell me if the sugar test has to be a starvation test. So I had to pop into the doctor’s to ask the question. We are still waiting for the answer to that question.

I also noticed Ethan had a spot-like lump appear on his back. So when we were in the doctor’s I asked if we could book an appointment for him. They don’t like to do that they like you to come up and see if they have any appointments at 8 in the morning. This isn’t something Ethan can do. Just asking about a possible appointment was causing him distress. Thankfully the receptionist noticed this and booked him an appointment for today. I’m hoping it’s just a spot that has come out because of his stress levels. He is quite out of sorts at the moment. It feels like we haven’t needed the doctor’s for months and last week I was in the office every other day!

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