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Word Of The Week – Arrangements

After all the school requests last week this week felt like there were lots of arrangements being made. Arrangements that are all really for the Christmas fair taking place at Little E’s school. After going through the many school letters sent home the week before I worked out there were things we needed to buy. A purple gift for the gift stall. A bottle of something for the bottle stall in exchange for a non-uniform day.


We also got another letter asking the children to come up with games for the event. But first, they had to get into teams to work together to make these games. This caused some issues but I was able to make arrangements with another mum. We now hopefully have some games sorted for the night. We just need to make arrangements to make the games and supply some prizes. I can see this all ending up as a parent’s job rather than the children’s.

It was also Children in Need last week and I didn’t feel Ethan’s school were that clear with the arrangements for the day. I wasn’t sure if they were doing anything at the start of the week. I soon found out it was going to be a non-uniform day for him. Both children wanted Pudsey ears and I was smug knowing I had our ears somewhere safe. Do you think I could find those ears on Thursday?! Thankfully Little E’s school had made arrangements to sell the ears. This meant a quick purchase of new ears on Thursday afternoon.

I have also been making our Christmas arrangements. Planning the gifts and starting to think about when we should visit my brother and his family around the holiday dates. I have been keeping my eyes on the gifts we want in the Black Friday deals as money is tight. A few places have released their deals early. I’m still waiting on a few more shops to see if they are offering any deals.

We got a great deal on the gift I want from Darren for Christmas. As I’m reading more now I wanted to get the Bridgerton Books. There are nine books in the set and Amazon sells them for about £60. We made a great discovery on a trip to Aldi. They had all nine books for sale. The books were £2.99 each so I got the full set for £26.91. Best saving ever! I will have a good set of books to keep me reading for a while next year.

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  1. Sounds like you’ve been busy with various things needing to be arranged for the Christmas fair at Little E’s school. Typical that the Pudsey ears were nowhere to be found – isn’t that always the way?! Glad you managed to get replacement ones. Hope you manage to find good deals for the Christmas gifts and the Bridgerton set of books sound like they were definitely a good deal! #WotW

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