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Word Of The Week – Entertaining

This week, thanks to our families help, has been very entertaining for the children. This has helped stop the upset and reduce the movie watching. Which I am very grateful for as I’m always very aware of how the children stay inside during the summer holiday weeks. This year Ethan hasn’t had any school respite which has made it even more obvious that we stay in.


Our week started with a weekend away. A staycation close to home thanks to Essex County Council and their short breaks for disabled children stays. We hired one of their caravans in Clacton-on-Sea, a new adventure for us but one the children found very entertaining. We kept ourselves to ourselves on our break. The grandparents visited for tea, we went swimming and the children played in the arcade. We needed this time to just be together without any pressure. I feel this is so important for our little autism family. I’m so glad that Ethan enjoys going on adventures I know how lucky we are.

Little E had the most entertaining this week as her week has been full of little adventures. On Tuesday her nana took her to the cinema to watch Spirit. She loves horses so I knew she would love this film. We didn’t tell her what film she was seeing so hopefully it was a nice surprise for her. She then spent the night at nannies. Staying over is a new thing for her. She wouldn’t leave my side and the pandemic made that feeling worse for her. I think she has realised that staying at home with me whilst I work is boring. She gets to go out to shops and for walks when she stays at nannies.

Ethan has also had entertaining moments this week. On Tuesday his TA paid him a visit and took him to the zoo for a few hours. We kept this a surprise for him as he gets very intense if waiting for things. He was very excited when he saw her. He likes going out with her on his own and clearly made Darren aware of that when Darren drove them to the zoo. Ethan also had a night at nannies because being a sibling is all about sharing and he can’t miss out on his nanny time!

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  1. That sounds like a wonderfully entertaining week. Isn’t that what nannies are for, having fun with the grandkids. I so wish I had grandkids. My younger ones only have one nanny but they are too old to stay with her now, although they did when they were small. I’m glad you enjoyed your break away.

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