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Project 365 2021 Weeks 29 & 30 Day’s 198-211

A photo a day, every day, for a year! This is my post for the year 2021 Weeks 29 and 30. The past two weeks have been the start of our summer holidays. Little E’s holiday started sooner than planned with the school closing due to covid infections. This did cause her some upset as I think she wanted more time with her friends. Our weekdays are spent at home as I work and we try to get out and about on the weekends.

Project 365 – 2021 Weeks 29 & 30

Day 198

the walking dead title screen tv

When Lost arrived on Disney+ I binge-watched it. I never watched it when it was originally on the TV. My Disney friend came round and I discovered her love for the series. She then told me about her love for The Walking Dead. Now I’m not a zombie film-watching person but with the whole series uploading onto Disney+ I thought we should give it a go. We are now binge-watching this series every night when the children go to bed. We love it. I’m trying my best to avoid any spoilers.

Day 199

ethan little e gringotts wizarding bank harry potter tour

We visited The Harry Potter Tour in London today. Darren took me there for my 35th birthday but so much has been added. We had an amazing visit to the Wizarding World in Universal. Which Little E loved as a toddler. Visiting the Warner Brothers Tour as a family has been on my bucket list for a while. I was waiting for the children to be the right age. With the covid precautions in place, I knew it would make the visit better for Ethan. Luckily for us, the rules didn’t relax until the day after our visit. We had an amazing visit and the children both got to experience all of the interactive elements. They even flew on broomsticks.

Day 200

darren little e cycling hat selfie

Darren was at home today and Little E didn’t have to go to school. He took her out on her bike whilst I had my Monday work meeting.

Day 201

jane little e car selfie

Ethan was lucky enough to have his last three days at school. This was the last afterschool club collection that we had to do until September.

Day 202

ethan last day juniors

Ethan’s last day in juniors today. His last day at primary school. Thankfully his move to seniors is only upstairs. We didn’t have to apply for his secondary school placement and we had no leavers ceremonies. It suddenly hit me it was his last day in primary school that morning. I’m keeping everything crossed that the move in September goes smoothly for him.

Day 203

new hovag mattress

We had to get Little E a new mattress. It is an Ikea one as they are the correct size to fit the beds. It arrived today and this is the only photo I took today.

Day 204

ethan playing animal crossing nintendo switch

Ethan is still wanting to play the switch. He isn’t really playing Animal Crossing the way you should play it. But he is moving around Little E’s island. Collecting items, talking to other people and sometimes hitting them with nets. He is happy and can be on it for a few hours at a time. If he keeps this up we will have to ask Father Christmas for his own one.

Day 205

ethan holding 300 metres swimming certificate

Ethan’s swimming club worked on distance swimming tonight. Ethan swam 300 meters without any swimming aids. We are so proud of him. This is the little boy that took quite a few years to work out kicking his legs would help him swim.

Day 206

ethan up to knees sea walton-on-the-naze

A day at Walton-on-the-Naze for our friends birthday celebrations. One boy is always happy in the sea.

Day 207

darren ethan little e sky selfie 2021 Weeks 29

Another day at home with the kids for Darren, another scooter walk for them to go on.

Day 208

jane little e cinema selfie 2021 Weeks 29

Work was quiet so I made sure I switched my mac off at my finishing time. I surprised Little E with a trip to the cinema the see The Croods 2.

Day 209

little e drinking milk quick milk straw 2021 Weeks 29

Little E was given some Quick Milk straws. They have been quite the hit.

Day 210

little e holding anniversary flowers 2021 Weeks 29

Darren took Little E to Aldi after dinner to pick up some missed shopping items. They came back with these flowers for our anniversary. Apparently, Little E picked them all by herself.

Day 211

disney unity candle crystal mickey mouse details 2021 Weeks 29

This is our Unity candle. It was lit by us, with the help of our mums, on our wedding day. I loved this idea as it wasn’t something I had seen done in the UK. It’s our 13th Wedding Anniversary today. Hopefully, it will be a lucky year for us. No real celebrations for us on the day this year. Last year we made an unexpected last-minute trip to Disneyland Paris. With Darren driving in France for the very first time.

That was our 2021 Weeks 29 and 30 adventures. You can read about our week 28 here.

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6 thoughts on “Project 365 2021 Weeks 29 & 30 Day’s 198-211”

  1. Happy anniversary!! It’s a shame you couldn’t do anything special this year, hopefully next year will be better.
    The Walking Dead is amazing, isn’t it? I am thinking of watching it again. It’s dark, but so well made.

  2. I have just finished rewatching The Walking Dead. I am sure the new and final series starts later this month. It is such a good show. Daryl will always be my favourite.
    It sounds like a fab day out at the Harry Potter tour. I am so jealous.
    I hope the move into the new class for Ethan goes OK.
    That candle is beautiful x

  3. The Harry Potter tour sounds amazing. Glad the children enjoyed it. Hope the transition to senior school in September goes well for Ethan. Well done to Ethan on managing to swim 300m. He looks very happy in the sea at Walton-on-the-Naze. Sophie loves Quick Milk straws as well. Happy anniversary to you both and how lovely that Little E picked out the flowers. #project365

  4. I hope the transition to secondary is as smooth as you need/want. My eldest missed his last days of primary due to a positive covid case in his class so he self isolated. I went to the Harry Potter place a few years ago and loved it, now want to go back again as I’m reading the books to the kids. #project365

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