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Word Of The Week – Final

We made it to the final week of school before the summer holidays. It was Little E’s final week in year four and Ethan’s final week in year eight. We now have six weeks of juggling child care and work. Typically August is my peak time at work and this year is no different. It will be an interesting six weeks!


Little E has found year four quite a challenge. She started the year in her old school, ending it in her new school. Our house move did knock her for six and I thought she would be glad for this school year to end. She was actually really sad and we had some tears. I’m hoping this means she is feeling more settled now. She brought her school report home on Monday and I’m really pleased with what it contained. I really hope years five and six will be kind to her and she can enjoy her last few years in primary school. Her primary years haven’t really been a normal journey. The covid shutdown really did have a negative impact.

Ethan has found these final weeks of school hard. The summer holidays are a big change of routine for him. To cope with this change he gets more controlling. More regimented in his routines and what he expects of us. Meltdowns are very quick to appear when he feels like this. The good thing is when he returns to school he will be in the same class with the same teacher. His teacher has been amazing this year and we feel Ethan has really come on so much. He will be in year nine but our year nine will look very different from a mainstream year nine. We won’t be choosing GSCE options so I will have to learn about our different educational routes.

It has been nice counting down the final after-school clubs and the final school runs. I’m looking forward to not having the time pressures of those every day. These six weeks won’t be easy. All screen time rules will be out of the window. I will spend lots of it working on the computer fulfilling any food orders from the children. We do have two adventures planned. My way of saying thanks to the children for putting up with the juggling. They are also booked into the kids club for a few days in the hope to curb the I’m bored moans. I’m sure I will be soon counting down the back-to-school days.

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3 thoughts on “Word Of The Week – Final”

  1. Hooray for the end of school.
    It sounds like Little E is a bit more settled at school, I am so glad. I hope the summer is calm for you with Ethan. All the rules seem to go out of the window when it’s the summer. hehehe. x

  2. I really don’t envy you, I remember those school holidays where I had to juggle childcare and I was a single Mum. I hope it all goes well for you and the meltdown are few x

  3. Well done to Little E on her school report and hope that her last couple of years of primary school will be more settled ones for her. I can imagine that the change in routine with the summer holidays must be hard for Ethan. It’s good that he’ll have the same teacher next year. Good luck with the juggling over the summer holidays. Our screen-time rules go out of the window when I’m juggling work too. #WotW

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