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Word Of The Week – Low

Last week my word of the week was miserable as I was ill and everything was a real struggle. I have felt quite low this week as I’m still not 100%. It is quite possible I have still have been a bit ill but it’s also hay fever season. I really struggle with my hay fever at this time of the year. I also had some blood test results back which could possibly be impacting the way I’m feeling.


During the Easter holidays, I booked some blood tests with the doctor. I have had a few anxiety attacks over the past few months. One very bad one after Ethan’s finger operation. I want to check that everything is OK with me before having any discussions about going on medication. I was able to get some of the results this week. We are still waiting on a few more as some of the other tests take longer. At the moment my liver and thyroid have come back as borderline. So I have to have more blood tests in eight weeks to check them both again.

My liver worries me as my liver shuts down when I’m pregnant. I had cholestasis both times, it was missed when I was pregnant with Ethan. But thanks to a fantastic midwife it was caught at the right time with Little E. No I’m not pregnant again but I do wonder if my liver has a weakness.

This unknown is possibly making me feel low. I’m also wondering if I have low iron levels at the moment. I have always struggled with iron. I normally take supplements but the cost of living crisis has stopped me from buying these supplements. We used to buy them on a low-food shopping week but there are no low-food shopping weeks anymore. With the results of my blood tests, I made a point of buying what I need. Thankfully Boots had an offer so I got what we needed for half price. Well, the price they were a year ago!

I’m also trying to swap out some of my tea drinking for water. I drink too much tea with too much milk in it. I’m hoping these changes will help and my next blood tests will give me some true answers.

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  1. Oh no! Sorry you haven’t been feeling the best. I am suffering with hay fever too. What a worry with the blood tests and your liver. Sending love and hugs. I hope you start to feel better soon. x

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