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Word Of The Week – Miserable

Last week was great spending time as a family and getting to go on some adventures together. This week has been the total opposite as I have been feeling miserable. The whole week has been a struggle but thankfully the week passed quickly.


Little E felt poorly last week. She lost her voice and just needed some downtime to rest. Nothing really come of it and she perked up in time for us to visit LEGOLAND at the weekend and then return to school. I started to get a sore throat when she went back to school and then on Tuesday, I was full of cold.

It has been a real struggle this week. I worked through and managed all the school runs but I was totally worn out by the time Darren came home. I haven’t felt this bad with a cold for ages and I felt so miserable. On Thursday I did a covid test just to make sure, but that was negative. I knew it wasn’t covid as that was a totally different feeling. Covid did wipe me out and I had no cold-like symptoms. This is a cold or even a flu-like virus. I’m still not well but I’m hoping having some downtime today will help me feel a bit better.

There was a really nice highlight this week. Little E was awarded a certificate at school for maths. It’s a subject she is really starting to struggle with. We didn’t get on well with it during the lockdowns and I think that has impacted her in a negative way. I have put things in place in the hope to help her, they might just be starting to work. I’m so proud of her for getting that certificate. I hope it starts a positive relationship with maths for her.

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3 thoughts on “Word Of The Week – Miserable”

  1. Oh no! So sorry it wasn’t a good week for you. I hope you are feeling better now. There is a nasty virus going about, I know a few people who are just getting over it.
    Well done to Little E. It is always good when they do well in a subject where usually struggle. x

  2. So sorry that you have had a week of feeling miserable and that you and Little E have been poorly. Glad she is feeling better now and hope you are feeling better soon. Well done to Little E on her maths certificate and hope that this week is a better week for you. #WotW

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