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Word Of The Week – Mixture

After a week where it felt like everything was changing. This week has been a real mixture of emotions for our family. A week of both unexpected highs and lows.


Little E was chosen to represent her school in a multi-school athletics competition. She was going to run in the competition. Thankfully it took place on a Monday so Darren was able to go along to support her. Little E ran her year group race and came first. She then must have run against all of the qualifying pupils. Little E came third in the race. She came home with the bronze medal. We are so proud of her. Proud of her for just being part of the team. We never expected her to bring home a medal. Her PE teacher thinks we should look into athletics clubs for Little E. She doesn’t get being able to run from me that’s for sure.

Ethan’s sports day was on Thursday. Due to work commitments, we were unable to attend. This must-have upset Ethan as he told me he was poorly on Thursday morning. He refused to eat his breakfast and for the first time, we experienced school refusal. Ethan has never refused to go to school before. He also didn’t want to leave the house to take Little E to school.

That same day Ethan had a special needs dentist appointment. An appointment that we have waited for, for over two years. I was so worried that Ethan was going to be sick. But it quickly became clear that it was anxiety that made Ethan need to stay at home. Talk about a big mixture of emotions on Thursday. We were able to attend the dentist’s appointment. Not only did Ethan sit in the dentist’s chair on his own. He also let the dentist look in his mouth and use the mirror. Massive steps for Ethan.

It turns out they had to postpone Ethan’s sports day. Moving it to a Monday so Darren will now be able to attend. Hopefully, Ethan will be happier.

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