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Word Of The Week – Changing

The last few weeks have been intense and this week things have been changing. We started the change last week by changing our holiday over the summer. Opting for a break that doesn’t include flying and less planning, it is clear that I needed to make this change. I feel better about our summer plans and I put the finishing touches on our plans this week. Apart from packing we really do just have to jump in the car and go. I can’t wait!


My work has also been changing this week. I am moving teams for the weeks before our holiday to help them with their workload. The team I am joining is the one I used to manage before starting my work-from-home life after Ethan’s autism diagnosis. I haven’t worked on any of their projects for about four years now. So I have to have a bit of a refresh. But it is the team I worked on from the age of eighteen so it is like second nature.

We have also had to look into changing our diet this week. Darren’s over 40 MOT shows that his cholesterol is a bit on the high side. So we have three months to see if we can adjust his diet to bring it down. Before lockdown, I was following the slimming world plan. That all went out of the window with everyone staying at home. My research shows that a cholesterol-lowering diet is different from a slimming world one. So I have been busy researching meals we can have as a family. It will be hard to keep everyone happy. Ethan has a limited diet due to his autism and Little E is also very fussy. Little E is aware that we need to do this for daddy so I hope that helps reduce her food protests.

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