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Word Of The Week – New

This week was another week of deliveries for us but it was all new items for our house. Monday was our delivery day for all the items and thankfully Darren was around to help take all our new items into the house.


The first delivery on Monday was from DFS. Our front room isn’t very big so we did have two two-seater sofas. During the lockdown, I finally had enough of having zoom meetings with a child’s feet on my shoulder. The children have grown so much! We discovered that the SkyQ box didn’t have to connect to the phone line like our other Skybox. This gave us the opportunity to move our front-room furniture around. Meaning we could look at different sofa options. We now own a three-seater sofa and cuddler for me when I have to work. Although the kids tend to win the cuddler battle a bit more than me at the moment.

It’s Little E’s birthday in July and her request is her grandparents round for a birthday tea. Sticking to the current guidelines we will have to have her birthday tea in the garden. I’m keeping everything crossed for a nice day. As we only have four seats for our garden set and it is actually ten years old I thought we should order a new one. This was actually quite a task as apparently everyone is ordering new garden furniture sets. I found one we liked on Very that could deliver before Little E’s birthday weekend. It was actually available earlier for delivery and also came on Monday.

Darren has also slowly been sorting out our garden. We also had a delivery of play bark on Monday. This is to go under the trampoline in the new area Darren has created for it. So it was a very busy Monday for us this week full of lots of new additions for our home.

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