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Word Of The Week – Non-Stop

This week our week has been


but we have had a very productive week.

As Darren has been on holiday this week I was able to catch up on some of my outstanding admin. I still have lots to do but I made a bit of a dent in it. I also started to sort out our upstairs, I still need to find homes for the new Christmas toys but I will get there. I do need to catch up on my blog reading and commenting but I am getting there slowly.

Little E had a good start to the week, we both took her to Sing and Sign and a new drop in group at a nursery we would like her to go to. On Tuesday her teeth started to play up, it looks like she is getting a few of her bottom teeth at the same time. This meant she has been grumpy and has been quite vocal to let us know.

We went out for another meal this week but it didn’t go as well as our Pizza Hut visit. This was mainly because they kept us waiting for quite a while before they come over to seat us. This caused Ethan a great distress and even the very obvious meltdown he was having didn’t make the staff come over to us any sooner. Not that we need special treatment but I do think its bad customer service for no one to acknowledge you for at least five minutes when you walk into a restaurant. Five minutes really doesn’t sound like a long time but for Ethan it can feel like a lifetime.

Even though it has been a non-stop week I really hope I don’t lose this momentum as I feel like I am really starting to clear things off of my to do list.

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5 thoughts on “Word Of The Week – Non-Stop”

  1. Sorry to hear that the meal out didn’t go down too well – it isn’t much fun to be kept waiting and for no-one to acknowledge your arrival at a restaurant and I can imagine it must be harder still for Ethan. Hope you did enjoy your meal after you managed to get seated. Sounds like it has been a busy week though – good luck with all the admin and blogmin and hope that Little E’s teeth start to bother her a little less very soon x

  2. Sounds like you’re really get through that list and it’s been a productive one. We tend to go to restaurants where their service is speedy, too, as five minutes waiting for kids can seem a lifetime, I think, in any case. Hope Little E’s teeth are through soon x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  3. Dean of Little Steps

    Looks like you did get lots done! I still have a load of things to do. Like you, find some “proper” places for T’s new toys. That means, getting rid of some toys she never plays with anymore. Otherwise, she won’t have room! #wotw

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