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Word Of The Week – Normal

After it being half term last week and the children spending the week at home. All the excitement of Ethan’s hurt finger and his operation the weeks before. This week felt quite normal. Normal is a good thing as it must mean we are adjusting to our new routine and our new home.


Little E is still having highs and lows at school. This week her class went on two school trips. The first was at a local attraction where they had a Roman day for them. This is the topic they are learning about at the moment. The second was a trip to the high school she would probably go to, to watch a production of The Lion King. I wonder if it’s the GCSE year drama project but we weren’t really told much information about it.

Ethan had to go back to the hospital one last time to change his bandage. He no longer needs his bandage but they put a plaster on in its place. He didn’t really need the plaster. They just really put it on as he knew he went to the hospital to have it changed. In Ethan’s mind the task needed to be completed. We have been taking it off overnight and then putting a new plaster on for school. We are hoping that Ethan will now leave the plaster off for good and let the fresh air do its job. It will take about a year for his nail to grow back.

It was my favourite day of the year this week too, pancake day. We made pancakes at home. We had lemon and sugar and the children had chocolate and strawberries. Ethan has my love for American pancakes so he was a little disappointed. He wanted syrup and I didn’t pick any up. Syrup is a new food for Ethan and he has only really wanted on his pancakes over the past few years. We will have to go out for American pancakes another day.

It felt good having a normal week. I hope this year is full of normal feeling weeks.

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3 thoughts on “Word Of The Week – Normal”

  1. Pancakes are lovely aren’t they. I’m a fan of American pancakes (although I’ve always called them drop pancakes.) The Little Man loves them too but he won’t try syrup, he likes chocolate spread instead. I hope Little E enjoyed her school trips. The Lion King looks fabulous.

  2. Normal is a nice word for the week after all the stress you’ve had recently with Ethan’s hurt finger. Hope Little E enjoyed her school trips. Glad Ethan’s finger is healing – I didn’t realise it would take so long for the nail to grow back. Always lovely to have pancakes. Hope that you have many more normal weeks this year. #WotW

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