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Word Of The Week – Petrol

This week my word of the week has to be petrol. As we have all watched England go nuts for petrol this week. When they announced last Friday that some BP garages had some delivery issues I knew what was coming. The traffic around town went nuts as people started to queue for petrol. It felt like the 2000’s when I had to ask my parents to queue for petrol for me as I was going to Hastings for the weekend.


Ironically we talked about filling up our petrol tank a few days before. Deciding to leave it until payday. We normally fill up on payday and that will last us most of the month if we aren’t going on any adventures. As we didn’t have any big plans for the weekend apart from visiting Colchester Zoo. We had enough petrol so we didn’t feel the need to join the queues. However, it did feel like we talked about petrol all week!

When Darren came home from work he had no diesel left in the van. He has to drive daily into London and all over the southeast of England. He had no idea if he would be able to go to work last week and do his job. Thankfully his boss did the queuing for diesel on Monday with all of the work vans that needed to be filled up. I wouldn’t have liked to have that job!

Every day that Darren went out he had no idea if he would be able to find a petrol station with Diesel. We had no idea if he would end up stranded somewhere with an empty tank. There were times he had to cancel deliveries as he just didn’t have enough fuel to complete the job. Thankfully he made it back to the depot every day but sometimes he was coming back on fumes.

We did get petrol for our car and Darren didn’t have to queue. I saw that one of my school mum friends was in Tescos as she shared a picture of empty pasta shelves. I asked her about the petrol situation and she said she was able to get some. It was 9 pm on Monday night and Darren was there and back in twenty minutes. I’m sure the petrol situation is going to be fun for the next few weeks. Hopefully people with calm down soon too!

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