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Word Of The Week – Positive

If you would have asked me yesterday our Word of the Week could have been a few different things. We have all had the week off for half-term and we have been out and about. This morning before going out again we did our lateral flow tests. Ethan’s showed up as positive. Darren couldn’t believe it so we did another and both test results were positive.


Since they have been able to deliver lateral flow tests to your home we have been doing tests weekly. We also do them if we are ever meeting up with anyone else at the weekends. They also helped us prepare Ethan for the PCR test and lateral flow port test he needed to take to go on the Disney Magic at Sea Seacation. As a senior Ethan now has to do the tests twice a week. With the recent rise in infections, his school asked if the children could also test on a Wednesday. We all tested on Wednesday and got negative results.

Our plan for today was to visit a garden to take part in a non-scary Halloween trial. Thankfully the children didn’t really know about it as I find that the best way to be at the moment. With all the cancellations covid brings I find it best to tell them things more last minute now. In an autism house, this has its own issues. As nanny was coming with us and we were meant to be visiting my brother tomorrow, I thought it best to take our lateral flow tests today.

I could see the second line appearing on Ethan’s test really quickly. I shouldn’t have been surprised really with the amount of testing we have had to do this month. It only felt like a matter of time before we would get a positive result. At Darren’s assistance, Ethan took a second test. With two positive tests, I ordered PCR tests for all the family. I also cancelled our weekend plans. I’m sure Ethans’ PCR will come back positive and he will be at home for at least ten days. We will all stay in this weekend and will see what the next few days bring.

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4 thoughts on “Word Of The Week – Positive”

  1. Oh my! I was so looking forward to reading this post when I saw what your word of the week was!
    I am happy you found out early and can take the necessary precautions to protect yourselves and others too.
    I hope things will be manageable too.

  2. So sorry to hear that Ethan has tested positive. Hope that he just has a mild case of Covid and that you all do too if you end up getting it as well. Other than last week’s dance festival, we’ve been the same with trying to keep plans low-key in case of needing to cancel. #WotW

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