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Word Of The Week – Rash

This week our word of the week is


as poor Little E has been covered in a rash for most of the week.

She had a few spots on her face on Monday that we put down to teething. On Tuesday morning the spots had spread to her hands. As we were meant to be taking her to a group we decided it was best to go to the doctors to find out what it was. I would hate for us to knowingly pass on something to others.

We couldn’t see the doctor but got an appointment with the nurse. The nurse thought it might be hand, foot and mouth but wasn’t 100% sure as Little E had no blisters in her mouth. She advised us that Little E would be contagious and we needed to wait and see what happened. Advising us that if she went down hill in mood to bring her back ASAP.

As the week has gone on the rash has got worse but Little E’s mood has actually improved. We decided that it was in fact hand, foot and mouth but thankfully she has avoided any blisters in her mouth. She is still having some tearful moments but she has been eating a lot better than she has for the past few weeks.

Knowing how contagious she was we have done our best to keep Ethan and Little E apart. They have had some cuddles but I’m really hoping Ethan is going to avoid this infection.

Unfortunately Darren has become ill today, he has been knocked for six. We can only assume that Little E has passed on the infection to him. Darren being ill has really upset Ethan, it has caused a few meltdowns and lots of tears today. It has been a draining day, I really hope tomorrow is better and I’m keeping everything crossed that I don’t get ill either.

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5 thoughts on “Word Of The Week – Rash”

  1. Aww! Bless her! Hand, foot and mouth can be really nasty….I’m so glad she hasn’t been too bad….I hope Darren feels better soon & you and Ethan don’t catch anything….Have a restful weekend x

  2. Oh poor little thing. Some childhood illnesses are pretty awful aren’t they. I do hope you all manage to stay well over the next few days and you can get it out of your house without anyone else going down with it.
    Fingers crossed and make sure you take lots of Vitamin C

  3. Oh no what a nightmare there is nothing worse than upsetting you pattern and balance is there? I hope next week is calmer and Little E and Darren are feeling better. x

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