The Harvester Dessert

Ethan doesn’t eat ice cream, I think it’s because it is cold. He has been offered many ice creams on hot sunny days and they are always flatly rejected.

Last week we had dinner at our local Harvester, the kid’s meal comes with a dessert and it’s something we always turn down for Ethan as it is always ice cream. However the Harvester had the option of a fruit salad. Apparently Ethan has been making and trying fruit salad at school so we ordered one for him.

For a kids dessert I was quite impressed at the fruit salads size, it also came with a side of ice cream

Harvester Fruit Salad Dessert

To our surprise Ethan tucked into his dessert, but it wasn’t the fruit he decided to eat he got stuck into the ice cream. He actually ate the whole portion, except for the cherry which he let me have. He also gave the game away that his teacher must like cherries too as he called the cherry her name.

It was lovely to see Ethan enjoying the ice cream. I know it isn’t a healthy option and probably has more sugar than guide lines allow, but it gives us hope that we all might be able to enjoy an ice cream cone with a flake on hot sunny days.

12 thoughts on “The Harvester Dessert”

  1. Its took Oscar a while to come to ice cream but once he did! Well its his favourite now and in the summer we’re often seen cone in hand. I had to start limiting to one a week on the way home from Nursery on a Friday! Glad he’s discovered a new food, sugar or not, I know how exciting this can be!

    1. Jane - Our Little Escapades

      It really is, this is another thing we have been waiting for. A small milestone for some but massive for us x

  2. Great to hear that he enjoyed his ice cream 🙂 Those cherries really are quite strange when you think about it – I don’t blame him for not eating it!
    x Alice

  3. Aww – glad he enjoyed his ice cream. Looks like whippy – the best kind. I’ve actually never been a big ice cream fan, though I eat it sometimes, and I hardly ever had ice cream in summer when others did as a kid…unless it was whippy! #SSAmazingAchievements

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