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Word Of The Week – Running

I thought last week was busy with meetings but this week was busy with lots of running around. Most of it was running around for the kids but for some of it, I was actually running.


Monday was a busier day than usual for me. Darren normally does the school runs and I work a full day. But one of us had to go into Little E’s school to approve some of the upcoming lessons they will be having next term. They will be starting to look at how a baby is made. I don’t remember being told any of that until our last year of primary school, I know it is very different now. We have the right to withdraw our children from certain lessons. I’m not sure that would be the correct thing to do. I’m sure the children would only talk to each other about the lessons anyway. Ironically Ethan’s school also sent a letter home telling us they would be having lessons along these lines too.

After school on Monday, Little E also had a birthday party to attend. I gave two of Little E’s classmates a lift there. Little E couldn’t do her normal Monday swimming lesson due to the timing. It also meant we all had a later night than normal but Little E loved going to the party.

Darren finally set my runner up in the garage. We still have quite a few boxes left to unpack in there. We will get around to it one day! So this week I started the Couch to 5K app again. I never completed it the first time I tried. Only getting to week 4. I can’t remember what knocked me off of track. I was able to complete my three runs this week. Even doing one of the runs after the weekly ballet run. Let’s hope I can keep it up as my aim is to get fitter.

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3 thoughts on “Word Of The Week – Running”

  1. Good luck with doing the Couch to 5k and hope you manage it this time. I’ve tried a few times but never got past week 3! Glad Little E enjoyed the birthday party. I remember having the lessons on puberty and reproduction in the last year of primary school too but I think the average age for starting puberty is lower now so it makes sense to have them earlier. #WotW

  2. Well done on the running, I do hope you manage to keep it up. School education has definitely changed, I think mostly for the good but some some would argue I’m sure.

  3. It sounds like a busy week for you.
    I don’t remember being taught how a baby was made at primary school, it was more of a secondary school thing. For my girls it was in year 6.
    I have started the couch to 5k a few times and there’s always something to knock me off track like Covid, heatwaves or hurting my legs. lol might have to give it another try.

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