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Word Of The Week – Meetings

This week started with my work being a little quieter, giving me some time to sort things out. Little E is still struggling at her new school. So I took advantage of the time to send in an email to ask them what they are doing about it. At the same time, fate played a bit of a hand and by the time the week had ended, I had had quite a few meetings at the school.


I thought Little E had found herself a little friend group. She started to interact with them at home in online games and I was happy. But as the weeks passed I wasn’t sure I was happy with how the friendships were progressing. Little E can sometimes be intense. Her and Ethan’s relationship is intense. I was starting to worry that perhaps they didn’t get her. The way her friends did in her last school. So I sent an email asking if perhaps the school could help. Make sure everything was going OK. I didn’t get an answer right away. On Wednesday afternoon I did chase them up. They were able to offer me a meeting with the teachers next week.

During the Wednesday school day, things come to a bit of a head at school with these friendships. Some accusations were made and I was called into the school. I ended up having a meeting in the school with Ethan present. Thankfully he was very calm as I had already explained he might be a little late for school. I was so glad I had sent my email to the school before this had happened as I had already unknowingly voiced my concerns.

On Thursday, I came away feeling like I had put my point across but I was still quite angry about the situation. I have already been in contact with the school a few times since our move. Voicing my concerns every time. It just feels like nothing is being done. On Friday I accidentally had another meeting with the teacher. I told them I was angry but I now feel like the school now knows they have to sort things out. It will be interesting to see what they say in next week’s meeting. I have a feeling there will be a few more meetings coming my way with this school.

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