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Word Of The Week – Sick

This week our word of the week is


as everyone apart from me (fingers crossed) has been sick!

It started with Darren having a cough which brought with it congestion that made him sick. Little E was sick just as the boys were leaving for Ethan’s swimming lesson on Saturday. This cancelled the lesson whilst we made sure she was OK. Darren was ill again on Wednesday, we have no idea why and didn’t really know what to put it down too. Ethan was the last one to full into the illness blip and was sick last night. This meant he didn’t go to school today and all of today’s plans had to change. This included a hospital appointment for Little E.

So this week hasn’t been a very successful one all round for us really. We were also meant to meet a friend on Tuesday but didn’t make it to our destination because of motorway accidents and the traffic caused.

I’m hoping that with this week being full of sickness our half term week together will be much better. It has got to be better than the Easter Holidays when I had flu! We really haven’t done that well this year with illness!

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