Ethan’s Birthday at the Beach

We had lots of discussion this year about how we would celebrate Ethan’s birthday. We were unsure if there should be a party with his school friends or if it should be more low-key. During this time we were offered the chance to have the beach hut for the day again at Clacton-on-Sea. Knowing how much Ethan loves visiting the sea we thought it would be the perfect way to celebrate his birthday.

Being used to early starts, Ethan was able to open all of his birthday presents at home and we still made it down to the beach whilst it was fairly clear.


We took full advantage of this time and took the children down to the sea to enjoy the water. We were lucky to have a fairly warm day and they both enjoyed splashing about in the sea.


It was lovely to see how, with Little E getting older, she is helping Ethan to learn how to play in different ways. We showed her how to play in the sand and Ethan joined in, something that would never normally hold his attention.

Nanny and Grandad had joined us at the beach and Nanny brought with her Ethan’s chocolate birthday cake which we all enjoyed.

BirthdayAtTheBeach2 BirthdayAtTheBeach3

As the afternoon went on it got a little chilly by the sea so we went for a walk to the Pavilion Fun Park. We like visiting this area as we can go on the rides with Ethan, they have even added some new rides this year which Ethan enjoyed putting to the test.


We were also brave and let Ethan go on the swing on his own, he did give the man the runaround though picking which seat he wanted to sit on!


We had a brilliant day at the beach and I think this photo below sums up Ethan’s feelings.


It really was the perfect birthday for him.

5 thoughts on “Ethan’s Birthday at the Beach”

  1. It’s fab that you managed to find something that you knew Ethan would enjoy doing for his birthday, I can imagine sometimes it’s quite difficult to find balance. It’s great to see him and Little E playing together in the shallows and drawing on the sand, he looks like he’s having a great time. Those rides look like the best way to finish off the day before heading back home. Thanks for linking up with me on #CountryKids.

  2. Oh I am so pleased I found you on country kids. I grew up in Colchester and our summers used to be spent at Clacton and Walton. This brought back some lovely childhood memories so thank you!! #countrykids

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