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Word Of The Week – Vaccines

It turns out that vaccines are like buses. You wait for ages for one and then three come along at once!


It felt like we were waiting a lifetime for my parents to receive their invitation letter to have their Covid-19 vaccine. The rollout was having delays in our area of the UK and their letters finally arrived the week before last. The NHS had to cancel their first appointments due to last week’s snow. Thankfully I was able to rearrange their appointments and they had their vaccines on Valentine’s Day.

On Sunday evening I received a text from my doctor inviting me to book my Covid-19 vaccination. This was something I wasn’t expecting at all. At Christmas, I became aware that carers and unpaid carers were going to be added into the priority groups for being called. I made a call to my doctors during the Christmas holidays to check what they had down on my notes. I have been Ethan’s official carer for quite a few years. It is only recently that I became his unpaid carer.

Using the online calculator, it was looking like carers would start receiving vaccines by the end of March. I quickly booked my appointment still unbelieving it was really my turn. Totally expecting them to cancel my appointment or turn me away on arrival.

My vaccination was taking place at my doctor’s. I was given the Oxford, AstraZeneca vaccine. It was a very smooth very quick process. On the day of my vaccine, I felt fine. My arm didn’t even hurt. The next day my arm hurt and I felt ok until suddenly all I wanted to do was close my eyes. I also couldn’t stop yawning, uncontrollably. It felt like jetlag and I basically spent the day on the sofa under a duvet. At 8.20 pm I crawled into bed. The next day I was perfectly fine. Now we just wait for Darren to get the go-ahead for his vaccination.

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3 thoughts on “Word Of The Week – Vaccines”

  1. So glad you and your parents have been vaccinated. I have mine booked and my husband who is my carer should have his soon too. My older son is further down the list, but hopefully it won’t be long. My daughter had hers early (Pfizer) as she works in the NHS. She had no reaction at all.

    Fingers crossed it’s a way out of this mess.

  2. What wonderful news. It must be such a relief to have had the vaccine. My dad had his and felt the same. He slept for about 18 hours and just felt rotten. He’s back to his normal self now. x

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