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Word Of The Week – Snowy

This week we are continuing at our slower pace but there is the added excitement that it has been snowy. After watching the rest of the country already have snow this year. Storm Darcy brought with her many snowy moments for us this week.


There were warnings the week before that Storm Darcy was on her way. We were told it would rival the Beast from the East that hit in March 2018. I was excited for the children. They had the experience of a snowy walk to school in December. But that didn’t give them the chance to play in the snow.

Knowing that you can never rely on the weather we didn’t tell the children about the snow. We were expecting the snow to fall on Saturday night. I couldn’t hide my disappointment from Darren on Sunday morning. There was no trace of snow. I was expecting to wake to a deep blanket of snow, there was nothing.

The snow started to fall at 7.30 am and it lasted all day. It did settle for us and Darren was able to take the children out in the snow. I stayed in the warm to have a little bit of time to myself. My mum said that Clacton had more snow than us but we were happy.

Darren was working his later shift this week. Meaning he was able to take the children out in the snow on Monday and Tuesday whilst I worked. Snow fell for all three days which did settle. I don’t think we had as much snow as we did during the 2018 Beast from the East.

We are still playing catch-up with Little E’s school work. I was able to fit in some of her maths around my work this week. I didn’t get a chance to do any with Ethan but he has been watching Lingo every day. He shouts out the words and asks me what they mean. It can be a little intense but I know he is learning. It is officially half-term next week but we will still continue to play catch-up.

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3 thoughts on “Word Of The Week – Snowy”

  1. We have had snow this week too and it was brilliant. Just the excitement we needed to get us through until half term.
    We had a little bit of snow on Saturday night but it didn’t lay. It came during the night on Sunday and we awoke to a winter wonderland. x

  2. I’m the same with not telling the children if snow is forecast so they’re not disappointed if it doesn’t happen. Glad you did get some snow though and the children were able to go out in it. We only really had a dusting here but the children still enjoyed getting out in it. #WotW

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