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Word Of The Week – Walks

These past three weeks have been hard! A word I was going to use for this word of the week post. It has been hard juggling the children on their Easter holiday. Partly because Ethan is so interested in our puppy. He has wanted to be downstairs with us whilst I juggle my working day. Being interested is great when it comes to Ethan but it is also very tiring managing his needs. It has also been hard as we have had some medical issues to face with friends and with Little E. These put me on edge and also wore me out. But instead, I decided my word of the week had to be walks.

cockapoo walking on lead walks

Even though these past weeks have been hard we have been finding the time to take our puppy on his daily walks. We wanted a dog to get us out of the house more and we have all been enjoying going on his walks. Our first big walk was taking him to Frinton on my birthday. I was looking forward to visiting this beach with our dog. We have taken him a few times these past few weeks, as well as taking him to Clacton Beach. We are learning where the dog-friendly beaches are and which ones we can visit in the winter season.

As well as visiting beaches we finally discovered a local walk near our home. I have been talking to other local dog owners and they keep telling me of a reservoir we should visit. We finally found it the other week as well as lots of public footpaths that we had no idea existed. So we now have quite a local walk that will take about an hour and easily burn off some of our dog’s energy.

We have been able to get into quite a good walking routine now which I think our puppy has adjusted to. In the week I will take him on a quick walk near our home. If my work is quiet I will sometimes take him on the school run when Darren is at home. When we are all at home we go for our longer walks. This is the time we get to practice off-lead walking. It is going quite well but our puppy does get very excited meeting lots of new people!

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