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Word Of The Week – Warm

After the sunny week last week, this week the sun continued to shine and it has been quite warm. We have been able to go on the school run and not worry about grabbing our coats as we leave. Now we have to make sure the sunscreen is on and the sun hats are with us.


Normally when the weather gets warm my hay fever gets really bad. In our old house just stepping outside would start me off as we must have lived near plants that I was really allergic to. In our new house, I’m not having the same problems yet and it is a relief. I feel like I can open our back door and let in the fresh air. Something that I haven’t been able to do for years.

Our old house used to get really warm too. We had a south-facing garden and it would quickly heat up the house. Not being able to open doors and windows because of my hay fever didn’t help. I hated the warm weather but our new house is a totally different experience in the heat. It is such a welcome change.

The warm weather has made the kids have some crazy moments this week. I can’t remember the exact things they did but more than a few times I know I said ‘It’s the heat!’ I’m sure it was school-run related.

Little E also went on a playdate last week. A first for her at her new school. The warm weather meant it was a garden playdate and she had fun in her friend’s paddling pool. The pandemic stopped Little E from having the chance to go on playdates. This playdate pushed us both out of our comfort zone a bit but in a good way. I hope she gets invited to visit again, she needs positive friendships at her new school.

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2 thoughts on “Word Of The Week – Warm”

  1. That is great that you are not suffering with Hay Fever as much. I was never that bad with it until we moved here and now we’re surrounded by fields. lol Hay fever tablets are my best friends at the moment.
    hahaha! I have been blaming everything on the heat.
    That is lovely Little E had a playdate, I hope there is many more to come. x

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