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Word Of The Week – Sunny

This week has felt very sunny. It made the return to school easier, but we also had to make sure that we were prepared for the sun and the heat it brings. I must admit that after our week of rest, the heat did tire me out. I was glad when the weekend arrived.


After the half-term, this week we were back to our normal routine. I always find this term a busy one. Little E has her dance show and her birthday to celebrate. There are the sports days and parent’s evenings to fit in. Ethan’s sports day feels like it is happening a lot earlier this year. They have given us two weeks’ notice. Last year they had to cancel it because of the heat. I think having the day sooner rather than later they hope to avoid the potential heat. I think this will possibly be the first sports day we have been to for Ethan since before the pandemic. As Little E is at a new school I have no idea how hers will work. I’m assuming the parents will have an invitation to be there, but we will have to wait and see the logistics.

With it being sunny I have dug out the children’s summer hats. They both have Disney Cruise Line baseball caps they were given on our seacation cruise. Ethan’s head has got a bit big for his so we got him a new cap from Primark. Little E wanted a bucket hat which I think she might have talked her nanny into getting for her. In preparation, I had already brought some new suncream for this year. I just need to make the time to apply it to both children in the mornings. They put up a bit of a fight on Friday morning.

We booked the LEGOLAND Windsor Hotel for Little E’s birthday. I had to book our meals this week and some pool time. We haven’t told the children the details. Let’s hope it will be a sunny weekend. They have a splash area at LEGOLAND too it would be nice if the children could experience that as well. I’m happy for the sun to continue but I hope it doesn’t get as hot as last year.

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  1. I hope little E enjoys her birthday, what an exciting thing to do. I remember going to the splash pool at Legoland when it first opened. It has been sunny this week, it’s hard to sleep at night.

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