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Word Of The Week – Weary

It’s the time of the year when I start to feel worn out. I always complain that I feel tired and overwhelmed. Normally the completion of the summer holidays would mean you are rested. But our summer holidays are normally anything but restful. With all the routine changes we are also having this month I really am feeling quite weary.


Work is still really quite busy. I sometimes wonder if the expectations of deadlines have changed since the pandemic. Or being older makes these deadlines harder. Juggling the kids and Ethan’s needs is also tiring. This doesn’t help with my feeling weary at this time of year.

Our weekends have also been busy this September. I kept our August weekends free as I knew there would be a chance that I would have to work. Last weekend we visited LEGOLAND with my mum. A place she has wanted to visit for a while and as we have the Silver Merlin passes this year we thought it would be the best time to take her.

This weekend we took a trip on the Waverley Paddle Steamer. It was a trip we booked before the pandemic but had been cancelled a few times. We boarded the Paddle Steamer at Clacton Pier and it took us along the Thames Estuary and into London. It sailed through Tower Bridge dropping us off at the London Tower Pier. It was an amazing way to see the sights of London.

Next week we have another busy week as we are starting to look at schools for Little E. She is only in year five but as we didn’t grow up in this area we want to get a feel for the schools. We are hoping it will help us narrow them down.

I’m looking forward to things slowing down, but with Halloween and Christmas there will still be lots of stuff to do. I have the half-term holiday booked off. I’m looking forward to having a slower-paced holiday.

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4 thoughts on “Word Of The Week – Weary”

  1. Oh no! So sorry you are feeling weary!
    I had a week like that after the excitement of being away and my girls birthdays.
    It sounds like things have been busy for you but lots of fun.
    Good luck with looking for a school for Little E. It makes sense getting an early start. x

  2. I know the feeling. We had to take a break from most things too, after our trip to Florida. You could do well with slowing things down if you can. But a mom’s gotta do what a mom’s gotta do. Best of luck with sorting schools. We know how important this is. All the best for a great, less weary week ahead.

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