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Word Of The Week – Worrying

This week has been quite a normal one for us. Returning back to work and school after our trip to Woburn Forest Center Parcs. Darren didn’t actually have to be back at work until Wednesday which did throw me out. But it is always a bonus when I have his help for an extra day. It did however turn into quite a worrying week with the sad news from Ukraine.


Of course, we have been following the news for some time about Russia and hoping Vladimir Putin would come to his senses. As if the world hadn’t had enough to worry about these past two years with the pandemic. It felt like we were just emerging from that stress bubble. Now we are walking into another!

It was so sad to wake up to the news on Thursday. So many lives changed in an instant. But what was also sad for me was how much Little E is worrying about these events. On Thursday she came home from school and wrote about how Russia is now having a fight and would it come to England. Also wondering why there can’t be peace. Reading it made me cry. She also wrote a letter to Russia asking them to stop fighting.

I feel so sad that at seven Little E is worrying about these things. That they are impacting her enough that she wants to write about it. We have the news on in the morning as we get ready for school and I wonder if I should change that. But we must have had the news on when I was little. I’m sure there wasn’t a kid’s morning TV channel to watch on the four channels we had available. Perhaps it wasn’t such a constant presence, or perhaps I was blissfully unaware. I just hope there is a resolution soon and people’s worrying can ease.

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  1. I get what you mean. We were on a flight from Bulgaria on the day and even the kids were involved in the conversation! It was weird to us. And sad too.
    Maybe rousing music would bring a nice change for little ones in the morning as they get ready?
    Anyway, we are praying for a quick resolution.

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