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Word Of The Week – Car

This week our word of the week has to be


as we have been having problems with it.

It started a few weeks ago when we went to visit a friend. On the journey back our engine started to sound very loud. I can only explain the sound as if something was trapped in the engine that shouldn’t be there. We took the car in and they told us that it was a bearing. We were driving to visit family the next day so they fixed it. Unfortunately on our long journey to see our family it was clear the car was still making a noise. Thankfully the car took us to our destination and back again. I must admit I had everything crossed on the journey. We took the car back and it is supposedly the other bearing. We have to wait for the yearly service in a few weeks for them to fix it. I’m not entirely convinced it will get to the root of the problem. Only time will tell.

It is now ten weeks until we go get to visit Mickey Mouse. This week there has been a bit more Disney talk. You now have to book three rides a day for the Disney Parks. This is done via their Fast Pass system and our 60 day window is opening up soon. I have measured the children this week to see what rides they can go on. Little E has grown since we last did this which means she can go on a few more rides than we originally thought. We are starting to work out what rides we want to go on. I’m actually finding this really hard. As much as planning with Ethan is a good thing for our family we tend to fight the fire as we go. Well we do at theme parks. If a ride looks too busy we steer him elsewhere. I just hope that the rides we pick work well for him. We can also use a disability pass there which will also help.

As well as thinking about the rides we can go on I have been sorting out our clothes. We have been buying bits through the year and this week I wrote everything down that we have. The children have everything they need but we need some more holiday items. Hopefully we can get the last bits we need after the summer holidays.

This week has really been about sorting things out. Not only has the car been a huge worry for me but I feel like we are sorting out the last bits of our holiday planning.

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  1. It’s worrying when something happens to your car and you’re unconvinced it’s going to be properly fixed. Fortunately, my dad’s a mechanic so I know he’ll look after our car which is a huge relief. Exciting to be on the countdown to FastPass booking,. We’re already thinking about our rides for next May! Thanks for sharing with #WotW x

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