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Word Of The Week – Costumes

I haven’t written a word of the week post for a few weeks as I felt I would have been using the same word each week. We have been so busy running errands. Thankfully things have got calmer and this week I finally feel we have a new word to sum up our week. So this week our word of the week is

This week brought with it World Book Day, a day that Ethan’s school hadn’t taken part in before. This year they decided they would. On the day we got the letter from Ethan’s school we were also told that Little E’s nursery was taking part. In the matter of moments we went from a day that normally passes us by to both children needing a costume.

Ethan was given a Batman costume as a gift for Christmas in 2015. At the time it was too big for him and a costume isn’t something Ethan would wear because it was different. I wasn’t sure if Batman could really be classed as a book appropriate to celebrate World Book Day, but knowing the sensory issues we have to battle I’m sure it would be OK.

Little E had a princess dress but being that she loves to run around at nursery I was worried she might trip over the long skirt. So we ordered her a Tinkerbell outfit. She wasn’t as excited about this as I thought she might be and kept saying no when I asked her if she would wear it.

So I had two children that could potentially have issues wearing costumes for World Book Day. With Little E I decided to be a pushy mum and on Wednesday we practiced wearing her Tinkerbell costume. She wasn’t happy about it and she shed a few tears. After we had a cuddle she was actually quite happy to be Tinkerbell and even wore her costume out to the shops. On World Book Day she happily dressed as Tinkerbell and had lots of fun ‘flying’ around nursery with her keyworker.

With Ethan we decided the key was to talk about being Batman on Friday. We showed him his costume and every night told him when he was going to wear it. Ethan responded to this by being very unsettled all week. We had quite a few meltdowns in the evenings and he even had some tears at school. We didn’t expect Ethan to be happy about being Batman and we couldn’t believe it when he was clearly excited to put on his costume. We were in complete shock that a very happy Batman went to school. I’m also pleased to report that the Batman costume was left on through the school day.

Our unsure week of costumes actually turned into a very successful event for both children.

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4 thoughts on “Word Of The Week – Costumes”

  1. I’m so glad they enjoyed wearing their costumes, I know what an achievement that is. I also have two kids with dressing up aversion but they both made it to school in costumes this week too. I’m amazed! #WOTW

  2. Aw that is such wonderful news I am so so pleased that Ethan was excited about his costume in the end. Hoorah for a successful world book day. I bet you celebrated after dropping them both off after the tense build up xx

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