Drawing Minions – Working on Fine Motor Skills

Ethan has never been much of a drawer, it’s linked to his fine motor skills or lack of, but in 2015 he moved on from random line making to drawing faces. He now opts to mostly write letters and in 2016 he was able to write his name in his friends Christmas cards for the very first time.

Our children both use the manga-doodle to create their artwork but we only had one which caused fighting. I actually got myself organised in the half term holiday and ordered two new manga-doodles, our other one was a bit battered and bruised by now. For the first time both children could create their artwork together without any battles. It wasn’t long before Ethan surprised us with this piece of artwork.

Ethan drew his very own minions, not only that he had written the word minions without any help along with his name. We couldn’t believe it and very quickly took a photo before this masterpiece was cleared and lost forever.

It will be lovely to see if this progression of artwork has also happened at school. We know that they have craft and artwork sessions but we will only see samples of this work during parents evening.

2 thoughts on “Drawing Minions – Working on Fine Motor Skills”

  1. Aww brilliant! So clearly minions too! My twins get frustrated that they can’t draw. They can’t even do faces yet, so they ask me to draw for them. I can just about draw something which vaguely resembles Peppa pig but I was at a loss when they asked me to draw Elsa from Frozen the other day! Drawing is not a skill of mine!

    Popping over (a but late) from #ssamazingachievements

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