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Word Of The Week – Fun

I’m late with my word of the week again this week as the summer holidays are really keeping us on our toes. I have decided that our word of the week this week will be one that Ethan has said quite a lot to us over the past few days. This week our word of the week is


Darren had this week off of work as holiday so we used this time to visit my brother and his family. As Ethan had been asking about Legoland we decided to visit Chessington World of Adventures for the day. We were a little bit worried if Little E would enjoy it but with six adults on hand and Ethan’s ride pass we were able to keep her moving and busy. My nice also managed to get her to nap at one point during the day which really helped. We also learnt that Little E isn’t a thrill seeker like her big brother, hopefully we haven’t put her off of rides for life!

Visiting my brother also meant that we stayed at a Premier Inn for the night. Ethan does love staying at hotels, I think it’s more because we are all in the same room which helps him sleep. The last time we stayed at a Premier Inn Little E didn’t sleep at all and it was ‘interesting’ thankfully this time she slept but ended up having most of our double bed.

On Friday Ethan had an unplanned stay at nanny’s house. My mum has let him stay at hers for a few nights over the summer holidays to let us try to catch up on some much-needed sleep. He loves it but he does keep my parents on their toes. I’m surprised they don’t need a holiday after having him there for the night.

Today we took the children to see Peppa Pig live. They both loved it and Ethan sang his heart out to every song. Little E clapped along and it was lovely to see them both happy to be there.

So we have been very busy but it’s lovely to hear Ethan tell us that things are fun. When Ethan was non-verbal we would take him to places but would have no idea if he enjoyed it. The fact that he can say ‘it’s fun’ is amazing. I really feel that although the summer holidays are exhausting for us and they are hard for Ethan to understand we are ending the last two weeks on a high.

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