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Word Of The Week – Hot!

This week there really couldn’t be any other word for our word of the week as it has been so


This has meant we have had the fans on in our house most of the time and there has been lots of water play for the children.

It’s been lovely to get the paddling pool out and letting the children cool off. Ethan has had lots of fun dumping water over his sister’s head, much to her dismay. Ethan also came home from school yesterday with very wet shoes and in his change of clothes as they had had a water fight. They also had the paddling pool out at Ethan’s after school club. I’m sure this could easily be Ethan’s favorite week of the year so far.

We also went to visit the sea one day after school and visited somewhere we hadn’t been before. We didn’t stay for long as the sun was so hot and we were worried about Little E being exposed to it for too long.

I have spent most days keeping cool by the fan. I’m not one to sit in the garden and having hay-fever doesn’t help. I do really hope the sun stays as it is Ethan’s last day of school today. Last year we had lovely weather the week before the summer holidays too and then it continued to rain for nearly all of the school holiday!

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4 thoughts on “Word Of The Week – Hot!”

  1. I have loved the weather this week….
    We have been playing with water a lot too….Poor Little E having water dumped over her head. It did make me chuckle though.
    I hope we have a lot more sunshine during the holidays x

  2. It sure has been hot. Scorchio, in fact!
    I love that at every turn Ethan has found water of some kind, paddling pool or water fights! It’s lovely that they have the freedoms to enjoy the outside and get wet without feeling the cold. We’ve enjoyed the weather too, although sleeping at night has been a bit more of a problem. But still, we’re not complaining because like you I remember the rains of last summer, as it’s when we took our first camping holiday…!
    Fingers crossed for a sunnier, hotter summer holiday

  3. I nearly chose the same word this week as there is no other word to describe it is there. It’s great being able to let the children lose in the garden with water, my little girl has done pretty much the same at school this week they even had ice pops ! #WotW

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