Sports Day 2016

Last week we attended Ethan’s school sports day. We joined his class for a picnic lunch before it started, something which poor Little E protested about as she had to stay in her buggy. Moments before we had let her run around on the field. She was very vocal about this!

Whenever Ethan sees us at school he always wants to leave his class mates and join us. This was OK during our picnic but become an issue when the sports day activates started. To make it easier on his teachers I sat with Ethan and his team whilst they got everyone organised.

This years sports day was very different from last year. This year there was set activities and the teams rotated around to each activity. Ethan, being the runner that he is, kept running over to us when his teacher let go of his hand so that he could take his turn. This is where Darren stepped out of his normal comfort zone and decided it was best to help Ethan around each of the activities as the teachers were really starting to struggle.


Ethan handled his sports day really well. He took part in hurdles and kicking a football into a goal. He had to throw bean bags and take part in obstacle courses. For some of the activities he needed more support than others and he also needed help to keep focused.


He also enjoyed our picnic lunch it’s just a shame Little E had to stay in her buggy but she would have been off running around. We do have runners in our family!


There are no winners at our sports day, which I must say I do like with the children being so young. It’s more about the taking part and Ethan received a certificate for taking part in sports day this year.

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