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Word Of The Week – Juggling

This week has really been a busy week for me and I have felt like I have been


We started the week viewing another school for Little E. When we picked schools for Ethan they only asked for three choices. This time around we have to list four schools. This has really thrown me and we have really struggled with what to do for the best. I think the whole process needs to be looked at really as they ask you to make choices but we all know it’s all down to numbers and space. I think they should just tell you what school has space for you and then you can appeal it if you want to. I always thought I would walk my children to school. There is only one school on our list that I would even consider local enough to us to walk to.

Tuesday was also a busy day. It was a day of appointments for all of us which meant we were running around all day.

The rest of the week I have been busy juggling work around school/nursery runs and the children’s lives. It has been quite tiring but I don’t think the short days at this time of year help. The juggling will be continuing over the weekend as I try to play catch up.

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  1. I agree that the schools/council just need to tell parents which school really has space and how many they are so that you wont expect anything and get disappointed in the end. #wotw

  2. mummy here and there

    Sounds tough decision, I hope you get the first choice. I will soon before Easter I think to find out about my youngest school application for September. X #wotw

  3. Ah making school choices is so hard isnt it? We fought to get Joe into his current School and it was the worst decision we have ever made his transition has been awful, the behaviour at the School is horrendous and teachers are always off !We have been looking at new schools this week. Hope you get the school you want xx

  4. Sounds like a busy week with lots of juggling. Picking schools must be more difficult when you have a few a similar distance away. Our local one is less than 2 minutes walk away and the next nearest isn’t really walking distance at all so I only put the one down! Good luck with getting the school you want for Little E x #WotW

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