Nemo's Reef on the Disney Dream

Nemo’s Reef on the Disney Dream

Both Ethan and Little E love water. When we looked at booking a Disney Cruise the pool areas were important to us. We wanted to know our that children would be able to enjoy them. Ironically we didn’t get to use them as much as we wanted to due to Ethan getting tonsillitis on board. At the time of booking we weren’t sure if either of our children would be toilet trained. The United States Public Health Service requires that only children who are toilet trained are permitted to enter swimming pools and spas on board cruise ships. Thankfully the Disney Dream has Nemo’s Reef which is a wet play area/splash zone. It has been created with young children in mind and wearing swim nappies in there isn’t an issue.

nemos reef on the disney dream

Nemo’s Reef

Nemo’s reef offers children protection from the sun as it is in a covered area. Fitted with a soft wet-deck surface which helps protect excited little ones running around. It is also enclosed by glass with a main stepped entrance. There is also a wheelchair-accessible entrance. The water is also nice a warm which means children can enjoy playing in there for a long as possible.

marlin nemos reef sign nemos reef disney dream
marlin dory nemos reef sign nemos reef disney dream

Nemo’s Reef is full of characters from the Disney/Pixar movies. You can find Nemo, Dory, Marlin and Bloat who all move and spray water.

mr ray slide nemos reef disney dream

Mr. Ray is a child-friendly water slide perfect for all of the children able to play in Nemo’s Reef.

nemo friends

If the characters aren’t enough to entertain the children there is a water curtain that moves back and forth.

nemos reef disney dream

Little E loved her time in Nemo’s Reef. Leaving would make Little E very upset. Not being able to go into the swimming pools did worry me but the splash area kept her entertained. She never even asked about the pools. She did, however, ask about the AquaDuck but she wasn’t tall enough to go on that!

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