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Word Of The Week – Primark

This week our word of the week has to be

as we finally discovered this shop. I know that might sound strange as it’s not a new shop but where we used to live I didn’t like going in there. Everything used to feel like it was all over the place and I’m not good at shopping like that. They opened one in Oxford Street just before I left work and I stayed away because of the crowds in there. Fast-forward five years later and they finally opened a primark in town. It had been there for a while now and we did visit it but we have never spent any money in there.

That all changed this week when I discovered the range of Disney and Harry Potter T-shirts. I love a character top and with our upcoming visit to Disney they need to be added to my wardrobe. Since the children have been born I only really tend to buy myself any clothes when I need them. This means I really don’t have a big range of clothes to choose from. That has now changed!

We first visited Primark on Monday when we had Little E with us and we were able to pick up a few bits. I was also very lucky and got myself the Chip purse from Beauty and the Beast that everyone is going mad for. We decided to return on Thursday without children and I now have all my t-shirts ready for our holiday. I actually doubled up on quite a few bits so that I can wear some now and keep some nice for our trip.

Of course the trip wasn’t all about things for us we also picked up lots of bits for both of the children. The biggest hit being sunglasses. We had some for Ethan when he was younger but he wouldn’t wear then. Little E loves an accessory and with her encouragement both children have been running around all week with their new sunglasses on.

Our official countdown to our Disney trip is 127 days, is that to early to start packing suitcases?

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4 thoughts on “Word Of The Week – Primark”

  1. I have a love hate relationship with Primark.
    I love it as you can always pick up a bargain but our nearest one is huge. Over about 4 floors and each one is massive.
    It sounds like you have a brilliant shopping trip x

  2. Primark is ace isn’t it, I love the homeware and pyjamas. I always have to make sure I’ve got plenty of spending money when I visit. How exciting about your holiday, in my opinion it’s never too early to start packing. #WotW

  3. Oh yes, it’s the place to go for a Disney trip! I spotted a lovely Minnie bag there the other day that is tempting me, and so many great Harry Potter things, too! Glad you’ve enjoyed the shopping, and no, never to early to pack! Thanks for sharing with #WotW x

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