The In The Night Garden Ride

As you know Ethan is a thrill seeker, he loves going on rides whenever he gets the chance to. The weird thing is he has never noticed the coin operated rides at our local supermarket. We have walked past them so many times and he has never gestured to them. Today was the day that my seven-year old boy finally showed an interest in the In The Night Garden ride.

We visited the supermarket tonight after school to pick up some bits. As we walked in Ethan gestured to the coin operated rides. We didn’t really respond to this and continued to make our way into the store.

As we were leaving Ethan needed to visit the bathroom so Darren went ahead to the car with Little E. As we left the store Ethan directed me to the In The Night Garden ride and sat in the boat. I was mean and said we didn’t have time but he wouldn’t get out of the boat and pushed the start button.

I actually don’t normally carry that much cash on me but I dug around frantically in my purse hoping that I would have a pound in there somewhere. Thankfully I did and Ethan was able to finally ride the supermarket coin operated rides for the first time.

It will be interesting to see if Ethan asks to go on the rides again. He did really enjoy his short ride, I will have to start carrying around more change.

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