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Word Of The Week – Sorting

This year has started as a busy one for us. Everyday there has been an errand to run but this week has been full of

Last week I had a blood test as I haven’t been feeling quite right since before Christmas. The test results come back as I was expecting, thankfully. I had to sort out a doctor’s appointment so that I could be prescribed iron. This iron has to be ordered in as I have requested it in liquid form. This therefore needed to be sorted out at the pharmacy.

On Thursday my phone died. I watched as the screen decided to give up the ghost. Typically one month out of its warranty. This meant I spent my morning trying to work out the best thing to do. I looked in to repairs which meant it would have to be sent off for assessment. We decided to buy a new handset and recycle the old one. Probably not the cheapest option but the quickest.

On Friday we finally sorted out the lights in our kitchen and bathroom. We had bulbs that needed to be replaced that unfortunately they don’t make anymore. I was able to track down the replacements and we spent most of Friday trying to fit them in the fitting. We got there in the end.

I have also been sorting out the children’s old clothes for a charity collection. So far I have four bags ready to go and I think I might even have a few more but the time they come. Ethan takes so long to grow out of his things which it the complete opposite to Little E.

It’s also the time of year that I need to sort out the car insurance. I managed to get quotes but I didn’t get the chance to follow-up with a phone call. Hopefully I will be able to sort this out next week.

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  1. I think that’s what January is for, sorting out all those niggling little bits while you have a chance. We have our MOT, tax and insurance due next month. It feels good to get sorted doesn’t it. #WotW

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