Project 365 2017 Week 4 Days 22-28

A photo a day, every day, for a year!

This week my phone died and I lost the photos I had taken. This means I have a few blank spaces but I can remember the photos that I wanted to share so I will still add the description.

Day 22

We went for a walk to visit the sea today. I took some lovely photos of the children which I lost but I did post this one to Instagram.

Day 23

We went to Asda today to pick up a few bits and we treated ourselves to a Cadbury’s Creme Egg!

Day 24

I walked into town today as I needed to get my eyes retested for new glasses. On the walk back I took a photo of the castle. The sun was hitting it and it looked lovely.

Day 25

I think Little E missed her brother today. He got lots of cuddles on his return home from school. Darren managed to capture this on his phone.

Day 26

I had a doctor’s appointment tonight as it was at a weird time we decided to treat ourselves to a Pizza Hut dinner. Little E loved the balloon she was given.

Day 27

Another day of crossing things off of our to-do list. We (Darren) finally changed the bulbs that had blown in the kitchen.

Day 28

We had to walk into town again today for more errands. I took another photo of the castle but it wasn’t as pretty as when I walked past it on Tuesday.

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