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Word Of The Week – Two

This week I could have picked many different words to sum up our week as it has been a busy one, but as we celebrated Little E’s birthday this week our word had to be


We celebrated her birthday by spending a few hours at the beach on Sunday. Unfortunately the weather didn’t turn out the way you would expect in July so our day was cut short. This didn’t stop the children having lots of fun though and you could see how much Little E’s confidence had grown just in the space of two short months.

On her actual birthday we joined Ethan’s class on their last swimming pool visit. They were spending their time at the leisure pool and we all had lots of fun. We even got to see how Ethan has progressed with his swimming, he just really needs to work on his confidence now.

We also had lots of appointments this week and lots of running around. I had to fit this around a big work project so there was lots of juggling on my part. Something I’m used too but it gets quite fun when Ethan throws in a few meltdowns.

We also spent a lot of time at Ethan’s school this week as we had parents evening and yesterday it was his sports day. Ethan is aware that the summer holidays are just around the corner and it is taking its toll. He has had two meltdowns this week, the worst lasting for two hours and it’s sad knowing there is nothing we can do. We just have to let him get it out of his system as safely as possible.

This busy week has taken a toll on my blogging. I didn’t get the chance to set up our linky, thankfully hosted by Autism Mumma this week, or write a post for it. Hopefully I will catch up with all the posts I want to write, one day!

So a very busy week, and one were we celebrated our Little lady’s next milestone.

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9 thoughts on “Word Of The Week – Two”

  1. Two years old already? It doesn’t feel that long ago when I was reading your baby posts!
    Hope you managed to celebrate and enjoy the day despite the weather. It’s so unpredictable at the moment isn’t it?!
    As for catching up on all the blog posts, like you I have so many half posts either written down or in my head, I just need to erne time to write them!
    I hope your week calms down and Ethans concerns and tantrums become less, it must be challenging to cope with at times.

  2. wow, I can’t believe little E is two already, belated happy birthday to her xx
    Sorry Ethan has been giving you trouble, it’s always tough negotiating a complete change of routine. I guess things are a little different at school too with them getting ready to close down for the summer. I hope it smooths out for him and you. xx

  3. Merlinda Little ( @pixiedusk)

    My son knows about the summer vacation looming too. I think that the tiredness in kids are showing already as my son got sick. Its not something of a virus but more on tiredness on him.


  4. Aww! Happy Birthday Little E! I hope she had a wonderful day but how is she two already….Eek! They grown up so fast!
    Poor Ethan…The meltdowns don’t sound nice at all. Sending hugs.

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