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Word Of The Week – Unexpected

I love taking part in the weekly linky Word of the Week. I like that it captures my mood for the week and it feels like writing a diary. Last year was hard for me with Ethan’s throwing and I lost my blogging routine as we tried to keep up with life. The lovely Raisie Bay now hosts the linky and my aim this year is to hopefully join in every week again. This week my word of the week is Unexpected.


Ethan returned to school last Friday but Little E didn’t have to be back until Monday. This meant our routine of school runs didn’t start until this week. Ethan was looking forward to the walk so thankfully the week started off well. I was expecting Little E’s return to school to be a bit tearful because of her shaky school start. Unexpectedly she was very excited to see her friends and walked into her class without looking back. This has continued all week. She has been very tired this week as she keeps asking why does she have to go to school for five days a week. She is also not getting up in the morning until 6.30 am. During the Christmas holiday, she was up every day at 5.00 am!

On Tuesday I had an unexpected delivery from The Cake Crew. I’m working with them on my Valentines Day gift guide. They asked if I would include some of their cakes and they offered me a sample. I was expecting a voucher for one or two cakes. I got a huge box delivered and inside there were four boxes all containing cake! On Wednesday both of the children’s schools had some of the lovely cakes for their snack time which was also unexpected for them.

I also had an unexpected call on Tuesday from Ethan’s school nurse. We have been waiting for an appointment with the doctor for Ethan’s review. Because of a cancellation we were able to have an appointment on Wednesday. It was at this appointment that Ethan was diagnosed with ADHD. I would like to say that this was unexpected but because of the last year the school had been moving in that direction. Ethan is down to have a review in six months time.

This year my brother has challenged me to create weekly vlogs on our youtube channel. I was going to film this every Friday but this week I have unexpectedly filmed clips on most days. I have quite enjoyed it, I hope people will watch my ramblings. My very first weekly vlog is below if you want to watch it…

It really was an unexpected week but I think it has been a good week for us all. Any week with cake has got to be a good week!

6 thoughts on “Word Of The Week – Unexpected”

  1. As I was about to start typing my comment I read the last line of your post. My thoughts exactly! Unexpected cake is always a good thing 🙂 I hope you manage to stick to your weekly posts. After loosing track in December I’m hoping to do the same! #WotW

  2. Lots of unexpected for you, but they sound mainly on the good side of life. Cake is always a good surprise. Glad Little E had a happier start back to school. Wonderful that E was looking forward to the walk. My youngest had to be persuaded at around that age, which was hard work. Hope you have a good weekend. #wotw

  3. Lovely to see you joining in with #WotW again.
    It sounds like the return to school has gone well. My two have been tired too this week. We are so ready for a lie in over the weekend.
    That cake delivery sounds fab!

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