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Word Of The Week – Unwell

This week our word of the week has to be


as I just haven’t felt right this week. I have felt like I have had a terrible cold coming most days but it just doesn’t want to really develop into anything. It is making me feel terrible. I have had a sore throat and bad headaches which come and go as they please. Feeling unwell did mean that we had to cancel a planned trip into London yesterday. I was sad about it but I really needed some down time.

Little E has also been sneezing this week. Thankfully it hasn’t progressed into anything making her feel too unwell. This meant she has been able to still attend nursery which she loves. She gets very bored with us at home now. We had to have an emergency play session at soft play this week. She needed to get out of the house.

Ethan has been happy in his school routine. He also discovered google earth this week. Well Darren introduced it to him. He has been busy looking around all the roads of places he knows. Places he wants to go. I have also discovered that you can visit the TeleTubbie house on goggle earth.

We end the week with a birthday. Darren starts the year with a celebration. I always feel bad for him as we normally don’t get to do anything for him being so close to Christmas. Going into London was his birthday treat but it just wasn’t meant to be this week. There will definitely be a cake of some sort to make up for it.

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5 thoughts on “Word Of The Week – Unwell”

  1. Oh no! I hope you and Little E feel better soon…There is so many bugs and colds going around at the moment.
    Happy birthday to Darren. I hope the birthday trip to London can be rescheduled x

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