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Word Of The Week – Volunteer

This week my word of the week is

as I have volunteered to help out with Ethan’s swimming club.

They were looking for new committee members to help run the club and volunteers to help with a list of jobs that they needed to fill. I have been put on a team to help with the clubs communications. It has been hard for the club to find volunteers recently and hopefully my little bit of help can help keep the swimming club open. It also meant I had my first night out in ages this week attending the swimming club meeting.

Darren has worked a Monday to Thursday shift this week which meant I have been on my own most mornings. This also means our weeks are fairly quiet as we use his days off to run errands. We have a busy weekend catching up with friends and a trip to Diggerland if all goes to plan. I will also be taking Ethan to his swimming club so that I can catch up with my team members to start our communications plans.

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