The Tale Of The Three Birthday Cakes

May is Ethan’s birthday month and this year he definitely celebrated in style. With Ethan’s birthday being a school day we decided to celebrate on the Sunday before. We had a small gathering with his grandparents at home before his soft play party with his friends. They also have a celebration snack at school to mark the children’s birthdays. This meant that Ethan was a very lucky boy as he had three birthday cakes.

Ethan and his birthday cake

Ethan’s first birthday cake was presented during our home celebration. My mum is very good at cake making and she always makes us birthday cakes. It was a chocolate birthday cake with strawberries and cream. As always my mum’s cake tasted lovely.

chocolate strawberry birthday cake

We then needed a cake for Ethan and his friends at his soft play party. I wanted one that was big enough so that everyone could have a slice in their party bag. We headed to ASDA’s to see what they had on offer.

Ethan has been learning about fairy tales at school and he has mentioned some of the characters to me in passing. One of them had been the gingerbread man. I couldn’t believe my luck when we found this cake. Something he would know and big enough for all of his friends to enjoy. A real life gingerbread man, well cake!

gingerbread man birthday cake

We then needed a cake for Ethan to take into school. We found the perfect candidate, a minion birthday cake. Ethan loves minions and I’m sure they are popular with his friends too.

minion birthday cake

So not only did Ethan’s birthday treats extend over a whole week but he got very spoilt with cakes. We did have to wait quite a few years for Ethan to be able to blow out the candles on a cake. I think having three this year really made up for all the candles he missed.

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