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12 Great STEM Toys For Kids

The children have been very lucky over the years to review some amazing STEM toys. In this Christmas gift guide, I share with you some of our favourite STEM Toys For Kids. STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and maths. Meaning you will learn through play.

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12 Great STEM Toys For Kids

Our 12 Great STEM Toys For Kids

Little Tikes STEM Jr Builder Bot

little tikes stem jr builder bot STEM Toys For Kids

The Little Tikes STEM Jr Builder Bot robot introduces the world of STEM to pre-school learning. This robot is made from many different parts that can be reconfigured in lots of different ways. Designed to spark curiosity and encourage cognitive development through hands-on play. Introducing children to engineering in a fun way. Complete with fun experiment cards to challenge children’s way of thinking.


Little Tikes STEM Jr Tornado Tower

tower twisty tornado little tikes stem jr tornado STEM Toys For Kids

With the Little Tikes Tornado Tower, you can create a tornado or a lava lamp. The tornado is easily created using water from the tap. Use the joystick on the control panel to create the tornado. Create a lava lamp using everyday household ingredients. The hand pump on the control panel is used to push air bubbles into the lava you create. This toy is easy-to-use and gives your budding little scientist the chance to conduct their very first exciting experiments.


Novie, An Interactive Smart Robot

red novie STEM Toys For Kids

Novie is an interactive smart robot who can follow your commands and learn tricks. Ready to play as soon as you take him out of the box. He is able to learn 12 tricks and also performs over 75 different actions. There are three different learning modes, beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Novie also has a free play mode. His tricks and actions also improve over time with practice.


Coding Critters

little e coding bopper coding critters learning resources STEM Toys For Kids

Coding Critters come are designed by Learning Resources. The bunnies help to teach early STEM concept learning with screen-free coding. By using the storybook adventure included in the set children will learn simple coding techniques to make their bunny move. Can you make Bopper the bunny grab her carrot? Pull Hop in the cart and push Hip on the swing? If your children wouldn’t like bunny friends these sets are also available as dogs, cats, and dinosaurs.


National Geographic Crystal Garden

fully grown crystal cherry tree national geographic crystal garden review STEM Toys For Kids

With the National Geographic, Crystal Garden set colour cardboard trees in your favourite colours and watch them grow crystals. This combines both an art project and a science experiment. Crystal growing liquid will transform your trees into a crystal garden.


National Geographic Dino Fossil Dig Kit

digging clay dinosaur head national geographic dino fossil dig kit review

In the National Geographic, Dino Fossil Dig Kit set there is a clay shaped dinosaur head. Using the supplied digging tools you will excavate three genuine dinosaur fossils. A tooth, a dinosaur bone, and dinosaur poo can be discovered in the clay dinosaur head.


National Geographic Gemstone Dig Kit

little e gemstone clay national geographic gemstone dig kit review

In the National Geographic, Gemstone Dig Kit set there is a clay shaped purple gemstone. Using the supplied digging tools you will excavate three amazing gemstones. You will discover quartz, an amethyst, and a tiger’s eye inside the clay gemstone.


National Geographic Shark Tooth Mini Dig Kit

national geographic shark tooth mini dig kit

In the National Geographic Shark Tooth Mini Dig Kit set there is a clay shaped Shark. Using the supplied digging tool and brush excavate a genuine shark tooth from the clay.


Oregon Scientific Smart Globe Explorer AR

oregon scientific smart globe explorer smart pen pull out tray

The Oregon Scientific Smart Globe Explorer is the world’s first Smart Globe that can also open up. Meaning that not only can you travel the globe, you can also explore the Earth’s core and the Solar System. Using an iPad also gives you access to the latest Augmented Reality technology. Giving an extra level of learning to the globe.

interactive activity panel oregon scientific smart globe explorer

The Wireless Talking Smart Pen is used to explore the globe. Discover many interesting facts about the world around us. Complete with an interactive activity panel containing more than 42 games and activities.

earths core solar system oregon scientific smart globe explorer

Using the supplied USB cable to update the Smart Globe keeps it up-to-date with real-world changes. Including world leaders, news, and other interesting facts.



What is OSMO? OSMO is an iPad and Amazon Fire tablet accessory that will give you a hands-on learning experience. OSMO achieves this from game apps that use objects in the real world. The objects can interact with the digital world shown on the screen. It makes them amazing STEM toys for kids.

The OSMO Genius Kit

little e playing tangram home learning with osmo

The Genius Starter Kit includes everything you need to play the five award-winning games it comes with. Tangram wooden pieces to help complete the 500+ visual and spatial puzzles. Number tiles to play the freestyle math app. Letter tiles to guess and spell the hidden words. The Masterpiece and Newton games can be played with objects from around your home.


The OSMO Creative Starter Kit

little e drawing snowflake mo monster osmo creative starter kit

The Creative Starter Kit transforms your iPad into a creative studio. It brings drawings to life. Offering a range of activities that develop an understanding of creative “magic”, drawing, and even physics. As well as the apps Masterpiece and Newton, Monster really brings the magic to life! Mo the Monster will ask you to draw items on the OSMO board that he will use in his world on the screen. With Mo, you can put on a magic show. Draw and design rooms in his house or even go on an adventure.


The OSMO Coding Starter Kit

little e playing coding jam learn coding with osmo review

The OSMO Coding Starter Kit transforms your device into a hands-on coding adventure. Complete with 3 hands-on learning games and a 31 piece tangible coding block set that builds coding skills in progression. Play the games by connecting colorful blocks of code in the physical world which chart the adventure on the screen.


Compatible OSMO Devices

OSMO will need a compatible device. OSMO works with most iPads and Amazon Fire tablets. Visit the OSMO Frequently Asked Questions page for the full list of compatible devices.

iPad’s are available from many online stores including AGROS*,*, and Very*. Amazon Fire tablets are available to purchase online at Amazon*.


PLEASE NOTE Compatible devices do not come in the OSMO sets. You must purchase one separately.

DISCLOSURE – We received the toys in this Great STEM Toys For Kids post as gifts. This was for the purposes of this post and to create our YouTube videos. We always give our honest opinions, findings, beliefs, and experiences of the products we receive.

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