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Spooky Bingo At High Woods Country Park

After last year’s October half term full of adventures this year had to be more home-based. Facebook events made me aware that our country park would be running their Halloween Walk again. This was something we did with Ethan when he was four and haven’t had the chance to do it again. So it was high on my list of things to do with the kids this half-term. With new wellies recently purchased for the kids, we made our way to our country park to take part in the Spooky Bingo.

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Playing Spooky Bingo

This year there were two trails to choose from. One for older children and the other for younger children. We stuck to the Spooky Bingo designed for the younger children. It looked like the trail for the older children took inspiration from William Shakespeare. The first port of call was to pay the small fee and collect the maps and bingo sheets from the visitor centre. With Covid-19 precautions in place, this was Darren’s job. Maps in hand we started our walk around the country park.

little e spooky bingo map high woods country park

The walk was the same path we took six years ago but this time Little E wasn’t in a buggy. She happy looked for and spotted the Halloween pictures marking them off as she went.

little e ethan circling found image spooky bingo high woods country-park

Ethan on the other hand was more distressed by the activity this time. He wanted support to mark off the images on his sheet. I think we couldn’t find the Halloween pictures for him quick enough! I’m not sure if this was an excitement issue or if he just wanted to get to the playground to play.

ethan little e green witch face image

Ethan did calm down a little bit as we made our way around the trail but he was on edge. He was happy when he could see a Halloween picture as that gave him a purpose for our walk.

ethan little e witch image

On our walk, we found the carved wooden owl again. I had totally forgotten about the owl’s existence. Little E was very keen to have her photo taken with him.

little e carved wooden owl high woods country park

It wasn’t long before we had spotted all of the Halloween images. Little E was very proud of her completed sheet. Both of the children took them back to the visitor’s centre to claim their prize. This was still a sweet lolly just like before.

little e completed spooky bingo sheet

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