20 Weeks Old – Rolling Over

It feels like Little E has been threatening to roll over for ages now. She has been able to roll onto her side since she was born, this would be how she fell asleep. She has also been pretty good moving around the floor but she never rolled over. 
Ethan rolled over at fifteen weeks and I was so sure she would reach this milestone before him. Fifteen weeks came and went and she still didn’t make it onto her front. 
So we watched and waited and willed her, and she still never rolled over. Then finally a day before she reached twenty weeks old, she rolled over.
It was quite unexpected and Ethan found it very funny, he even tried to help her out.
This week she has been working on her rolling technique, she can roll from back to front and then back again. She is even trying to roll on her other side. She does look like she is practising a skydive move, and is also putting her legs up under her bottom. I wonder if she will be on the move soon!

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