Building Confidence At Soft Play

I hate Ethan’s anxiety, I hate that it has the possibility of stopping Ethan in his tracks. Stops him from enjoying himself, stops him from wanting to do things.

I’m hoping we can work on it, I know this will be a slow process.

On Friday we went to the zoo and as we needed to feed Little E we ventured into the soft play. Ethan didn’t want to go in there and kept saying NO.

We managed to get Ethan into the building and sat near the baby soft play. I could tell Ethan wanted to go into the soft play but his anxiety was stopping him. So I kicked off my shoes and into the baby soft play we went. Ethan went up and down the baby slide a few times.

From there Ethan could see the bigger soft play and I could see that he was wanting to go in there. I kept asking him, and he kept saying NO. So in the end I ran in there making him follow me, making it a game.

Ethan took me to the top of the soft play and we went down the big slide, I thought I was going to die! I’m obviously getting old!

Every time we came down the slide it took lots of encouragement for me to get Ethan to go back in. I managed four times to get both me and Ethan on that slide. He is very nervous about the other children but thankfully it was quiet.

It’s a small step but hopefully in the right direction.

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