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Word Of The Week

Word Of The Week – Elmo

This week our word of the week is


Ethan has discovered the Sesame Street channel on you tube. This then moved into Elmo and Cookie Monster toy reviews, and not forgetting those fantastic surprise eggs!

Because of this we discovered that Ethan can actually say Elmo, which is fantastic another word to add to the list.

We got Ethan an Elmo when he was six months old so we charged up the batteries and brought him down to play with. He was a hit for a few days.


Elmo wasn’t the total star of the week as Cookie Monster also made an appearance during BounceAbility. He was on one of the other boys t-shirts and instead of listening to his instructor Ethan kept vocalizing Cookie Monster!

The ironic thing is when walking home from town there was an Elmo floating in the river. It was a sad sight as he was in very good condition, I’m sure he will be missed.


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